Casino Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games of in the world. Whether in Asia, in the USA or virtually in an online casino roulette, there are different variants of the classic everywhere. And the tables are always well attended. But why is that so? Why there are so many players fascinated and enthusiastic about Roulette? Why has this mathematical game become one of the most popular in the world?
Roulette is at the same time a simple and highly complex game of probability. Placing a bet is not complicated, but looking at the betting options is even more so. More information about the possible bets and detailed odds on Roulette at Roulette royale free casino.

Traditional Casino Game

There are games of chance that were played over a thousand years ago. Roulette is by no means that old. The origins go back to the 17th century, but where and how the game was created is not known, most experts suspect in Italy. From there it has spread especially in France and developed the casinos there to a racer.

It is the 19th century that has shaped today’s image of the traditional game. When the casinos like the Casino Baden Baden spread in Europe and the nobility as well as the wealthy citizens tried their luck there. From this time something noble clings to roulette. The large table, the French names or the many croupiers contribute their part to it.

Roulette is a varied game of chance.

Many casino games are kept simple and offer little betting opportunities. Roulette is different. The bets can be placed on so-called simple chances with high odds or on single numbers with high payouts. There are many different variations – above all the game on the Internet has put the crown on this variety. In addition to the classics – American and French Roulette – there are sometimes ten, twenty or even more variants.

There are different Roulette variants

The American Roulette and the French Roulette are considered as the classic Roulette variants. In casinos both differ in the fact that they are played with different amounts of personnel and above all whether there is only a green zero or a double zero. The French Roulette variant with the one green field is considered the older one, because Roulette only came later to the USA. But that is not correct. Before roulette became popular in Europe, it was played with two green squares. Only the famous casino in Monaco struck one to increase the chances of winning for the players. Roulettes casino free.

In addition to these two classic roulette variants, many casinos have developed their own differences. For example, there is European roulette, where the game has been further simplified, or individual games on the Internet, at roulette online casino, which differ only in design. What they all have in common is how and on what they bet!

Different bets are possible

One reason why roulette is so popular are the bets. There is hardly any other game of chance that offers such a variety. It is possible to bet on black and red, even or odd, as well as the first 18 or second 18 numbers. These are the so-called simple odds, they double the bet. Accordingly, they have a high chance of winning. On the other side of the scale are the individual numbers from zero to 36. They hit less often, but bring a 36-fold payout. In between there are many other possibilities, but the rule is – the higher the chances of winning, the lower the payout. And the higher the win, the less likely it is. Is casino roulette fixed? No it is not.

There are high payout odds in the Roulette casino game

Casinos have an advantage with most games. How high it is depends on the game. In Roulette – especially the variants with the simple zero – it is not high. It is about 2.7%! At the same time although this is fixed the player can decide with his bet choice how risky he wants to play or not. He can try to make high winnings with a small bet or work his way up slowly. And always the quite low house advantage stands in the background. So that it is all the easier and more lucrative for players.

Roulette Game Systems

Roulette is a game of chance with probabilities. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are a lot of game systems. Many of them promise the chance of long-term and sure-fire winnings. These are never met. With mathematical systems like the so-called Martingale – which doubles the stake after a loss – the casino game cannot be defeated. But roulette is also a physical game – at least in stationary casinos. How to win online casino roulette? Check our casino roulette tips and tricks webpage. Do these roulette tricks in real casino also work? Read our article to find out.