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Deal or No Deal Roulette Overview

Deal Or No Deal Roulette is a hybrid form of gambling that combines the best of both worlds: UK Roulette as a basic game and the always exciting Deal Or No Deal suitcase game as an extra bonus game. Intriguing? Certainly! But how does it work?

And more importantly: does it add anything? The basis of Deal Or No Deal Roulette is a standard French Roulette table, as we know it at any online casino. However, there is one important difference: besides the regular betting options, there is also the possibility to place a sidebet. This is possible from 0,10 euro. With this sidebet you have a chance of triggering the Deal Or No Deal bonus game at every turn. You buy two extra slots on an extra bonus wheel.

This special bonus wheel turns in opposite direction to the roulette wheel. If the bonus wheel stops at the winning number, you win one of the two Deal Or No Deal bonus games, the famous phone game (suitcase game) or the Banker’s Spin bionus. The phone game can potentially pay out the most: no less than 150 times your sidebet bet!

The Phone Game

If the phone symbol falls on the winning number, you will be taken to the bonus game. The principle is already known to many people: there are 22 suitcases, all containing prizes. The smallest one is 3 times your bet, the highest one a particularly pleasant 150 times your bet. You start the game by choosing one lucky suitcase.

Then you always open a number of suitcases. Of course the aim is to remove as many “small” suitcases as possible from the left row. After all, the more small suitcases there are in the game, the higher the chance that you have chosen a valuable suitcase.

After each election round of the basic game the phone rings: the house banker. Based on a weighted expectation of the value of your suitcase, he makes you a well-considered offer. And then of course the question is: “Deal Or No Deal? Do you take the money or continue? Are you a man or a mouse? Are you smart and calculated, or are you a real gambler, with all the consequences that go with it, good and bad?

No matter how simple the design, this is of course a brilliant concept that is full of tension, hope, regret and relief.

The “Bankers Spin” Bonus Game

The second bonus game is completely different from the telephone game. You get a maximum of 3 turns on a roulette wheel with a twist. Before you spin, choose one of the special cases. You can choose from the following suitcases:

  • The bronze suitcase: win up to 50x your sidebet bet.
  • The Silver case: win up to 80x your sidebet bet.
  • And the most beautiful: the Golden Suitcase. With this you have a chance to win 100x your sidebet bet

Then turn the Banker’s Spin Roulette wheel, with prices corresponding to the suitcase you have chosen. After every turn you’ll get the question: Deal Or No Deal? And that choice is not always easy. If you choose No Deal, you choose a new suitcase and you get a new turn, with all the chances and risks that entails. Do you get a nicer suitcase with higher prices on the wheel? Or do you buy a cat in the bag?

3 Good Reasons Keep Deal Or No Deal Roulette

  1. Delicious hybrid form of gambling: Roulette and two bonus games in one
  2. Possibility to place small side bets as well, starting from 0,10 euro
  3. Deal Or No Deal is and remains a brilliant concept where everything that makes gambling so fun has in it


We had some reservations beforehand. Shoemaker, stick to your reading. Roulette is Roulette and bonuses belong to slot machines. That’s how we thought. But what are we sitting next to it. Deal Or No Deal Roulette combines in a fantastic way the best of both worlds. Although the sidebets may mathematically provide a somewhat higher margin for the casino, the two bonus games are fun to play.