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French Roulette Overview

French roulette is perhaps one of the most appreciated and played variants of the game of roulette in both land-based and online casinos. Currently this version is particularly loved by live casino players who can enjoy a highly technological gaming and graphics experience.

The history of roulette has ancient origins, but this game has been able to adapt well to the needs of modern players and is still the most popular and on which the majority of casino users focus, thanks to the strong component of gambling that surrounds it.

Every turn of the wheel at a French roulette is a strong emotion, gambling enthusiasts know it well, but the same can be said even those who experience it for the first time, a simple game, beautiful, elegant, engaging and affordable for everyone.

Around the “Queen of the Casino” there are many stories, myths, legends, real facts and real buffalo, but together with them have also developed several schools of thought, which have created a real dividing line between supporters of roulette with a zero and passionate followers of the other American version, the European, English and so on.

For its basic characteristics, players a bit ‘more experienced and lovers of the thrill that gives you the risk, are more likely to prefer French roulette to cheaper American roulette, but it is not always so, both are to be considered forms of entertainment suitable for every category of players, experienced and not.

On the other hand, as often repeated on this site, but this is also a fact that every player knows, the variants of roulette do not differ from each other except for some rules, keeping the basic settings the same for all versions.

The various wheels each have their own particular characteristics, especially with regard to betting and so even the French roulette has bets that make it stand out from all the others, as well as a feature above all, for which it is known in casinos around the world.

Particularity of French roulette with the single zero

It differs from other variants, such as roulette with 36 numbers and one zero, alternating color boxes Red/Black and 0 green color. Basically it does not differ much from the classic European roulette except for some special bets that we will see below.

For many players, this variant is to be preferred because of the presence of the single zero that ensures a greater advantage to the player than the other types of the game, because in the event of the exit of the zero the player will pay only half of what wagered on the simple chances.

So a total of 37 numbers are available to place your bet, as it was removed the box of double zero, in order to lend a helping hand to the players, a measure adopted by the Blanc brothers in the early 800 for European casinos.

Because of this feature, French roulette, authorized by the monopolies, is therefore more advantageous for players than for the bank, a motivation that alone says a lot about the success that such a game may have had in land-based casinos around the world and that continues today in its online version.

Even less experienced players are attracted to this opportunity, often much more than the relative “affordability” of the American version, with the result that the real and virtual halls of French roulette are always super crowded with millions of fans every day and around the world.