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Gold Roulette Review

Do you love roulette? We do! And when we feel like playing roulette, you often see us at Roulette Gold, which is one of the best variations, alongside with Premier Roulette.

Mobile Roulette

It has also a mobile roulette game version – and it looks great on tablets. It is optimized for all screen sizes. The mobile version doesn’t have as many features as the desktop version (no expert mode or statistics), but it’s still really playable on smaller screens and there’s a track zone on most call bets, a track zone.

Roulette Gold Bets

The stakes please! This version of Roulette is very easy to play right from the start. There is a track bet zone at the top of the screen for those players who want to make call bets such as Les Voisins du Zero, Tiers Du Cylindre, or Orphelins. All these French Roulette bets – just make sure you pronounce them with a sexy French accent.

The standard Inside and Outside bets are also easy to complete. Just choose the chip size you want to play and then select the table. If you want to place a corner bet on 4 numbers, just click on the intersection of the lines between the numbers – it’s just like playing at the roulette table in Vegas, baby!

Expert Mode

Well, personally, we at play always at expert mode, but at Roulette Gold you have to choose if you want to make unusual bets. You could also try our Multi-Wheel Roulette if you think you’re an expert.

On the lower left side of the game you will see a series of red buttons with more options. Expert button shows you a screen where you can save up to eight personalized bet layouts, plus: you have even more betting options, such as the red or black split bet, and the final bets (both times as Cheval or with split bets and en Plein with single-digit bets).

Personalized Neighbor Bets

Everybody needs good neighbors, right? In this game you can place a Neighbor Bet on any number and select the number of Neighbors you want to cover – a great way to cover zones on the wheel and this is a great alternative to some of the other Outside Bets. For example, instead of a bet on one of the dozens, you can play 6 neighbors on each side of your chosen number, covering 13 numbers – a little more than a third of the table, instead of a dozen bet covering a little less than a third.

More settings and lots of statistics

Press the setting button (the gear icon) and you can further personalize the game – set the time you can bet when the wheel is already spinning. If you click on the “%” button, you will get detailed statistics on all numbers and outside bets placed during your session.


This excellent roulette game makes us go! It will satisfy both recreational players in standard mode and more experienced players in expert mode. The game also works wonderfully on screens of different sizes.