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Key Bet Roulette Overview

Roulette is definitely one of the older games of chance, but Key Bet Roulette is the best example of why this classic game of chance has experienced a real boom in recent years. The digital game in the online casino makes it extremely easy to create hundreds of different variations. One of these variants is Key Bet Roulette, which not only brings you several multipliers, but also a kind of jackpot.

Key Bet Roulette is an online casino game from NYX Gaming. The company is relatively well known and at least experienced online casino players will have heard of it before. But as with most game manufacturers, NYX is dominated by online slots and slot machines. To be able to convince yourself of Key Bet Roulette, you have the opportunity to play the game of chance directly here on the site without your own stake.

If you try Key Bet Roulette for free here on the site, then you will quickly find out for yourself that this game differs greatly from classic roulette variants. This is mainly due to two things. The biggest feature is the Key Bet. This is an additional playing field or an additional betting option.

If you place a bet on the Key Bet field, then this is like a normal bet on another number. Before the game starts a multiplier is determined. This is the win you get if the ball stays on the Key Bet field. If you are unlucky it will be less than 36 times, then of course it is stupid. But there are also higher payouts. Up to a maximum of 100 times your bet. And so it will be a very lucrative decision to play Key Bet Roulette.

Winnings and Bets on Key Bet Roulette

Key Bet Roulette is comparable to American Roulette both in terms of the way the game is played and the payout odds. The only difference is that in American Roulette a doublezero is added and in Key Bet Roulette the Key Bet field.

However, Key Bet Roulette has a better payout rate than American Roulette. Because the added field offers up to 100 times more winnings and other higher payouts than normal. If you choose the maximum bet of €250, you can win up to €25,000 in Key Bet Roulette in one go. Hardly any other roulette version offers this. The minimum stake in this slot game is one Euro.

Key Bet Roulette Tricks

In very few casino games or online slots, your behavior can change the payout odds or manipulate the odds in your favor. In Key Bet Roulette, however, this is possible. Due to the extremely high payout possibilities of the Key Bet bet, you should always play it. No matter if you follow a different strategy, but a bet on the key bet is recommended.

Key Bet Roulette Play For Real Money

You can play Key Bet Roulette for free right here on the site. You should really do that and not miss the chance. Because this unique roulette variant is not only a lot of fun, it also offers really lucrative and high winnings. A good reason to think about playing the classic not only for free here in the browser, but also for real money.

You can also win real money with Key Bet Roulette. However, you must also be prepared to risk some. And for that you have to register in an online casino.