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General Overview

Online casinos undoubtedly have many advantages over playing in a real casino, but two things bother players especially and keep some from playing online:

On the one hand the flair of a casino is missing and on the other hand you have to trust a computer program that triggers the spins randomly. To solve these two problems, resourceful online casinos have developed a new product: Live Roulette.

The most important aspect of the live casino is certainly the high realism: an animated ball in the wheel simply doesn’t look as good as watching a real ball. Live roulette really brings more flair and excitement to live casinos and especially live roulette is a lot of fun. You should definitely give it a try!

The whole thing works like this:

You log on to the online casino, go to Live Casino and choose Live Roulette. Once you have clicked Roulette, a new screen will open. On one half of the screen you will find the betting field as you are used to from online roulette, on the other half a video screen opens. On this screen you can see a real croupier in the live casino throwing the roulette ball into a roulette wheel at the end of the betting period. Now observe the ball in the wheel until it falls on a number. Once the number is fixed, the winnings are paid out and the next round begins. Unlike a real casino, you have the advantage of the high speed of the Internet. Betting at the live casino works like in an online casino – with useful features like Auto-Bet. Payouts are particularly fast. All in all a big time gain compared to playing in a real casino. However, there are also some differences to the game in the online casino. At a live roulette table several players play, they can chat with each other and with the croupier. This social aspect is otherwise rather short, so that some people will like it well.

Live Roulette is slightly slower than classic online Roulette. There is a time limit within which you can bet. If you finish earlier, you will have to wait until the next round starts. If you take too long, you will be unlucky and will not be able to bet again until the next round. However, the limits are usually very well chosen, so you have plenty of time and still no boredom.

The difference between Live Roulette and Normal Roulette

If you want to play live roulette online, you should also be aware of the special features of this variant in order to be able to decide whether you prefer normal roulette in online casinos or whether you prefer to play live roulette via the Internet. First of all, it can be said that there are no differences in terms of the rules, which makes it possible to switch between live roulette and normal roulette at any time without having to get used to it.

Nevertheless, live games come with some peculiarities that you should know as a player. The presence of a live dealer is the main feature that makes online live roulette so attractive. The following list summarizes the features that distinguish Live Online Roulette from normal Online Roulette:

You don’t play against the computer, you can watch the wheel and the live dealer in real time.
Since the processes in Live Roulette are not automated by computer software and there is also a time limit for betting, the Live Dealer Roulette proves to be slower.
If Roulette is played live online, you can also enjoy a more realistic gaming experience in the online casino.

Passionate gamblers who on the one hand appreciate the flexible and extensive range of online casinos and on the other hand want to play online roulette live will find their fulfillment at the virtual live dealer roulette guaranteed.

Is it possible to choose the dealer?

The interpersonal level more or less falls by the wayside when playing in an online casino. If you play roulette in a live casino, you won’t feel this way, because you can contact the live dealer personally via stream and chat. Once you have decided on a live casino online casino and logged in or opened a player account, all you have to do is activate the option “Live Dealer” and click on “Play Live Roulette”. Of course the large offerers do not employ only one only Dealer, so that several live Dealer care for the players.

Special bonuses and promotions for Live-Roulett

If you want to play live roulette in a virtual casino, it is always about the best possible live roulette bonus. While new users of an online casino can enjoy an attractive welcome bonus and loyal players often expect benefits as part of a VIP program, fans of online casino live dealers rely on special live roulette bonuses and corresponding promotions. These are also available again and again, so that one should have the actions of the providers always in view, in order not to miss a chance on an attractive live roulette bonus. It does not necessarily have to be a bonus for the live casino of a provider, because the regular promotions can usually be used for the entire offer.

Live roulette for mobile devices

Mobile applications have long since found their way into online casinos and ensure that passionate gamblers can gamble not only in the casino on the spot and at home, but anytime and anywhere via smartphone or tablet. This development does not stop at the live roulette casino either and is producing more and more live roulette mobile casinos. The live roulette mobile phone variant does not necessarily have to come along as a live roulette app, because providers often rely on special websites for mobile devices that are simply called up in the browser. Of course one can access here its existing player account and play so independently of time and place roulette live.

Can online roulette be played for free?

Numerous Top Live Roulette offers guarantee absolute gaming fun on the World Wide Web and know how to inspire Roulette fans again and again. This is mainly due to the attraction of real money gaming and the attractive odds of winning. Of course, it becomes particularly interesting when the opportunity arises to play Live Roulette for free. In most cases, however, this is only possible in play money mode, which means that the high winnings are not achieved. From time to time you can play Live Roulette for free and still for real money. So you should look out for free spins, bonus promotions and other promotions.