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Mini roulette Review

By now you’ve seen all kinds of roulette in online casinos, all with one wheel, one ball, thirty-six numbers… what a bore! But with Mini Roulette, a good game is in a small place: you can experience the same thrill with a tableau reduced by only twelve numbers!
Mini Roulette: power for the little ones!

How to give new life to a classic casino game and repeated a thousand times as roulette? Many times it takes little to have much, and even in this case casino offers you a small gem: Mini Roulette is a reduced-format version of traditional roulette, with only twelve numbers and a small number of combinations. The game is simpler, faster and more excited, but the fun is always the same!

Small but powerful, here’s Mini Roulette!

Playing this roulette, either by downloading our app or online on a mobile device or via flash, is quick and easy. If you want to play online roulette that gives you the thrill of risk with quick bets and fast play, try your luck with Mini Roulette. In this pocket-sized version of the Queen of Casinos, the classic French roulette tableau is replaced by a table of just twelve numbers and the same twelve numbers return to the wheel, next to the single 0.

All the classic bets are adapted to this new format, and of course even the winnings are recalibrated according to the reduced number of numbers available: the single number pays 11 times the mail, the two numbers pay 5 to 1, the triplet pays 3 to 1 and the square 2 to 1. Instead, the winnings for simple bets remain equal and the rule of La partage remains in force: if the wheel comes out zero and you have chosen one of the simple bets, you and the bank will divide the bet like good brothers.

So, what are you waiting for? Play now and practice for free or throw yourself into the fray to bet and win real money. Les jeux sont faits, rien va plus! Have fun… and good luck!