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Multi Wheel Roulette Gold Review

Multi Wheel Roulette Gold is a Microgaming creation that appeals to all classic casino friends who can’t go fast enough with maximum excitement. In this table game you can play on up to 8 boilers. They only have to place their bets on one tableau.

Microgaming is the pioneer of online casinos. During this time, the developers have not only developed hundreds of online slots, but also a complete software platform that other online casinos can use. With Multi Wheel Roulette, Microgaming has developed a casino game that is aimed primarily at experienced roulette players. It may be difficult for newcomers to keep track of the game. These should either play the Multi Wheel Roulette Gold for free and familiarize themselves with the procedures or first of all sit down at a table with only one wheel, such as the great Zoom Roulette from Betsoft, which they naturally also find at PlayRoulette.

No matter what game we test at Microgaming, the age and experience of this developer mean that our expectations are always very high. The fact that this is sometimes not always fully achieved can then be due to us. However, we believe that there is an industry-wide phenomenon, especially with licensed online slots, that sometimes it is better to rely on a big name than to stage it perfectly. Of course, exceptions confirm the rule. It’s a good thing that this is not possible with roulette. Here you have to offer the casino visitors what they expect. A well-functioning table with a clear structure without losing flexibility. With a table with 8 boilers that is naturally a challenge. You can find out how Microgaming handled it here in our large Multi Wheel Gold Roulette Test.

First impression of Multi Wheel Roulette Gold

A buzz of voices and soft piano music greets us in the roulette hall from this table, which has not only one but eight roasters. Of course, you can imagine that things can get a bit tight on the screen. But Microgaming has solved that well. The screen is split in two. In the upper half there are the 8 boilers in two rows. These are also numbered and have slightly different brown tones. Underneath is the tableau.

However, you could have gone to a little more trouble here. The cloth is already a bit faded and all in all everything looks a bit outdated and dusty. The chips are stacked at the bottom left. They are available from 1 Euro. The other values are 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Euro. But keep in mind that this bet is always multiplied by the number of Roulette you play.

If you are looking for the extended bets, press the “Track” button. This is located slightly inconspicuously on the right side of the screen. Further settings can be made by clicking on the “Expert” button at the bottom left. In the lower right corner you will find your bet per cylinder, how many cauldrons you play and your total bet. If you make a win, it will be displayed in the last line of this block. In the bottom golden-brown line you can set further options or view the statistics for your current session.

Play Multi Wheel Roulette Gold and Win

Now that we all know our way around the screen, we’re finally off. At the very beginning you can decide how many of the 8 cauldrons you want to play. Of course all eight are activated as default settings. If you want to play a smaller number just click on the boilers that you don’t want to be active for the next round. These remain inactive until you either end the game completely or reactivate it with one click. When they are satisfied with their betting layout, they can click the Rotate button and wait for the balls to fall into the correct slots.

If this is a little too slow for you, you can also activate “Fast spin”. There is also a car game option. This is useful if you play according to a certain system or always play the same layout anyway. When activating the “Auto Game” function, 5 rounds are always played with the same betting pattern one after the other. The stakes range from one Euro to 640 Euro. We would like to remind you once again that your round bet is your bet money x number of cauldrons. If they all play, the maximum on the tableau is 80€.

A word about the graphics and the animation. In a testimonial you would probably use “purposefully”. You do graphics what they have to do, but also not a little bit more. The same applies to the 8 boilers. These rotate, including a white dot, which should represent the ball, completely synchronously and do not make the impression as if they are independent of each other. Surely that doesn’t affect the randomizer, but it just doesn’t look really nice and would certainly be easy for a developer like Microgaming to make it better.

Special Features of Microgaming Multi Wheel Roulette

What we particularly liked are the 8 layouts that you can put together yourself. This is especially useful when you’re playing certain strategies where the stakes and betting patterns change with each round. The layouts can be called up and modified via the “Expert Mode”. You then have the choice to add them to an existing to add patterns or play them individually.

Who, like many roulette players, trusts in the Martingale strategy, has in the regular game with a simple push of a button the possibility to double the last bet made. The statistics are also good and detailed. Roulette is also in German, which makes it a bit easier for those who don’t speak English.

Conclusion on Microgaming Multi Wheel Roulette Gold

If you play Multi Wheel Roulette for the first time, you have to get used to the unusual screen structure. What this Microgaming table has to offer is rock solid. We have to cut back on graphics, but the table is clearly on the winning side when it comes to game options. Since most multi wheel players are experienced casino players anyway, they are more interested in functionality and options than in graphics or sound, and with these criteria this roulette can score well.