Best online casino payment methods

If you want to play online real money casinos UK you will have to choose one of the many available payment methods – both to make a deposit and then withdraw your well-earned. Not all online payment methods are the same. Below we will show you the most popular ones with their advantages and disadvantages.

Most important hints:

  • Check the accepted banking methods in an online casino you want to register to. Most often they are displayed as a series of icons at the bottom of the homepage.
  • If you’re just starting your adventure with online casinos, try out different banking methods. You can rely on our reviews to learn about the differences between payment options.
  • Be aware that casinos have its own unique range of banking options. Check them out carefully before you decide to transfer funds to the casino.
  • When you open an account (or sometimes when you make your first withdrawal) casinos often request that you provide a photo ID such as a passport or driving license which is absolutely normal.
  • Sometimes you will have to additionally verify your current address by supplying utility bills, bank statement, etc.
  • In short time the casino will check your details. After that you can start using the online casino payment method without restriction.

Benefits and drawbacks of different casino payment methods

Below we’ve summarized all the most popular online casino banking options you should know about. You will learn about the pros and cons of each of them, and what you should pay attention to: deposit times, withdrawal times and transaction fees.

Credit and debit cards

Credit cards and debit cards belong to the most popular means of payment on the Internet, so obviously UK online casinos use them. Their ease of use and functionality – both in the online and offline worlds – place them amongst the favorites to top online casino payment methods.

In short:

  • Payments can be made with both credit and debit card.
  • Credit cards Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted – practically by all UK online casinos. The Maestro Card is also popular. Not as much but still popular are American Express, Diners Club International and others.
  • When you decide to transfer money, you’ll need to enter your credit card number, cardholder name, expiry date and CVV code.
  • The deposit fees for credit cards card payments are approximately 2% to 3% of the value of the deposit.
  • Deposits are almost always instant and withdrawals take something between 1 and 4 working days to be processed.
  • Maestro Card can’t be used to withdrawals because it’s just a debit card.


Using cards to make an online casino payment is very fast and simple process preferred by many players. This is because cards are very popular and can be used to pay for a lot of other things. You don’t have to open an additional account or introduce a third party payment service to make your casino transfers by card. Although transaction fees generally apply and withdrawal times can be slower than other methods, cards are here to stay. Using them is as secure and reliable as they come and does the job on the spot.

Mobile Payments

With mobile casinos gaining popularity, mobile payments help to facilitate the experience. You can use mobile payments in mobile casinos, so you only need your phone to make transfers. The process is performed thanks to text messages (SMS). The leading mobile payment provider in the UK is Boku, along with the native mobile billing service Payforit.

In short

  • Thanks to your mobile phone you can make casino deposits and withdrawals with almost any method available on desktop.
  • Some banks offer to their clients downloadable apps that go a step further in streamlining the payment experience for you.
  • Deposits made with Boku and Payforit are instant, safe and never reveal your sensitive data to the casino.
  • Remember that deposits made with Boku and Payforit are free of charge. The only charges you have to pay appear when you fail to pay your bills on time.


Mobile payments are the best choice for those who put convenience above everything else. If you use your casino app on your phone, then you can perform all action on mobile from start to finish. The SMS encryption makes your transfers secure and makes transferring funds really easy. On the other hand, mobile payment methods like Boku and Payforit are not allowing you to withdraw your money. Maybe this will change in the near future, so keep up to speed with new features.


E-wallets are secure, multi-feature banking solutions which are highly rated across the board. Thanks to E-wallets you can store your funds for online transactions in a digital place. The most popular e-wallet in the world is PayPal, and prefered money transfer method for UK casinos. There are other popular w-wallets like Skrill and NETELLER, which have been built purposely to support online casino players with transferring their money.

In short

  • It’s secure to link your bank account to your e-wallet. After that your e-wallet will be treated as a normal source of funds.
  • E-wallets don’t share your funds and financial information with the casino at any stage of the process.
  • All deposits you make using PayPal, Skrill or NETELLER are free and instant.
  • Registration might last a bit and will require some details from you to create an account and confirm your personality.
  • Every time you want to transfer money you’ll need to sign in to the e-wallet to complete transaction.
  • Transfering money with e-wallets are easy to follow and major online casinos usually accept all e-wallets on the market.


E-wallets guarantee you a strong security and plenty of extra benefits and promotions. For example NETELLER offer the refer-a-friend program while PayPal has the most user-friendly interface. Take notice of so called the all-in-one e-wallet solution, which means you can both deposit and withdraw with the same facility, sparing yourself extra transaction charges. When you withdraw money sometimes it incurs a minor fee and it might take a couple of hours to process, but it depends on the casino. This banking method is mostly used by gamers who are fully invested in playing casino games and spend a lot of time playing them.

Cards Issued by E-Wallets

E-wallets often offer to their clients debit cards for use in online casinos. Players can use the card to make transfers that are debited directly from their e-wallets.

In short

  • Skrill and NETELLER are issuing debit cards which are provided by MasterCard. It is an alternative option for players who might prefer it to traditional banking methods and want to set aside a specific amount of money for playing.
  • Trustly, which is not strictly an e-wallet, also provides a debit card facility for players who want to withdraw funds and make purchases with a card, but don’t want to use traditional bank card.


If you prefer to keep your online casino bankroll separate from your offline day-to-day accounts, debit cards issued by e-wallets are perfect solution. You’ll have a source of money cut off from your main bank account and keep your finances safely distinct.

Instant Online Banking

To make secure money transfers directly from your bank account instant online banking options are handy solution. Sometimes called instant banking, it enables a safe login with your tradition online banking access codes without the need for you to register any new accounts. Trustly and Citadel are most popular instant banking services which serve to transfer funds instantly to your online casino account when you’re all set for gameplay.

In short

  • Online banking deposits fund your account instantly.
  • Withdrawals take same time and usually it lasts between 1 and 4 working days.
  • Withdrawing funds to your bank account via instant banking is not costless and its fee varies according to the bank and the casino. Some casinos don’t offer withdrawals by instant banking.
  • The process is simple and you don’t need to download any additional applications to use Trustly or Citadel


With instant banking you won’t share your personal or financial details with the casino. It is extremely difficult for 3rd parts to gain access to your account due to two-steps authentication process. The transaction speed is another plus: instant banking performs deposits and withdrawals in a matter of a few days, if not hours.

Invoice Payments

Sometimes you are allowed to choose to pay by invoice with certain online casino payment methods.

In short

  • Mobile payments which are done through Boku and Payforit can be billed to you as an invoice after selecting that option while making a deposit.
  • The invoice will be recorded with the date it was issued and the date by which you are supposed to pay.
  • If your payment is delayed, you might be charged with extra fees.
  • The invoice contains all the details of transactions.


Paying by invoice lets you postpone payments for later. This is handy if you like to keep a close eye on your finances and organize all your payments. Although you should remember that these payments still have a deadline, and missing the proper date might cost you additional fees on your final bill. Players who are looking for greater control over their payments can opt to pay by phone bill. The main advantage is that you can play now and pay later.

Prepaid  Cards

Prepaid card payments are very comfortable and accepted by most UK online casino. They’re a source of money completely independent of your main account and let you spend only the amount you are keeping there. Thanks to this they are one of the safest online casino payment options available, and any issues are highly unlikely.

In short

  • Paysafecard can be topped up in certain points over the entire globe in set currencies and its deposits are instant, which gives it good levels of accessibility.
  • When you use Paysafecard for deposits a small fee appears which are usually higher than in case of e-wallets or credit cards.
  • With Paysafecard you cannot make withdrawals.
  • A maintenance fee appears after the first year of using.
  • You can’t use any credit or debit cards to top up Paysafecard. You can boost the funds only with cash in-store.


Paysafecard is most popular prepaid card service in the world and the best choice for casino players who give their privacy top importance. It’s an alternative for those who don’t have credit and debit cards nor online banking facilities.