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Premium French Roulette

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Premium french roulette Review

Premium French Roulette is everything you could want from an online roulette: tradition, elegance and multiplayer options. Try it at the most prestigious online casinos. Bet with other players or set up your own private session.

Premium French Roulette: from Napoleon to your device

There are those who attribute the invention of roulette to Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), but perhaps the French scientist indicated with this term only a particular geometric figure. Roulette as a game appears for the first time in the “Encyclopaedia or reasoned dictionary of sciences, arts and crafts from a society of people of letters” (1751-1780). It was during this period, in fact, that the game of roulette was authorized in the Palais Royal in Paris, which soon received the appreciation of Napoleon himself.

Combining this long tradition with the advanced technology, Premium French Roulette aims to offer you an intriguing and enjoyable gaming experience. An elegant and refined atmosphere is also guaranteed by meticulously detailed graphics and pleasant sound accompaniment. Try it now, even from your mobile device!

How to play Premium French Roulette

Premium French Roulette is very similar to American Roulette and European Roulette, with some exceptions. For example, unlike American Roulette, Premium French Roulette is a single zero roulette, so the odds of winning are higher. This is also due to the rule called “La Partage”, whereby if the ball stops on zero and the player has bet on even numbers, he will only lose half the bet. This gives players a significant statistical advantage over the bank.

Otherwise, the rules of Premium French Roulette are very simple. You bet, you spin the roulette and you cross your fingers! If the ball stops on one of your bets, you will earn a win according to the following scheme. Otherwise, you’ll lose your bet.

Premium French Roulette bets and wins

Below you will find how much each Premium French Roulette bet is paid, as well as the French terms commonly used for each.

Full (Plein) Numbers 35:1
Horses (Cheval) 17:1
Triplets (Transversal Pleine) 11:1
Sextins (Transversal Simple) 5:1
Quatrains (Transversal de Quatre) 8:1
Dozens (Douzaine) or columns (Colonne) 2:1
Odd/even (Pair/Impair), high/low (Passe/Manque), red/black (Rouge/Noir) 1:1