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Roulette with Track Review

“Roulette Tracking” is a program that provides the roulette player with valuable information about roulette permanence (i.e. a previous row of numbers) during the active play in an online casino. It examines the permanence after each spin for 64 unusual events and displays a corresponding message to the player. Example of an event: if after 25 consecutive games any sector with 9 adjacent numbers was not hit, the program displays a corresponding message.

“Roulette Tracking” is a tool you can work with and use in a variety of ways. Roulette Tracking is therefore essentially a program that provides the player with the highest possible number or amount of information about the roulette numbers that have appeared during a certain period of time (determined by the respective player). How this information is used is up to the player? The experienced player knows how to use such information profitably because he has learned to interpret it correctly.

The 4 most important requirements that a player must meet in order to successfully use the program:

  1. Be willing to spend the time necessary to read all the pages on this website in full.
  2. Once you know how the program works, it is necessary to practice a minimum amount of time (usually a few weeks) with the program before putting real money at risk. This is the only way to learn how to properly evaluate the versatile applications and strengths of the program.
  3. The “player” must realize that the correct use of this program requires full concentration at all times, so successful online roulette should no longer be regarded as a game, but as serious work.
  4. With or without this program, without taking into account a number of psychological factors (which are also mentioned on the following pages), it is not possible to make serious profits with online roulette in the long run.

Roulette Tracking

The use of roulette tracking is very simple in principle. After a Roulette number has appeared, click on the “button” with the corresponding number to start the program. After a pre-determined number of numbers has been entered by the player, the main program runs after each spin or coup and then performs its calculations. Roulette Tracking gives you targeted information whenever a certain result is relevant enough to make an attack (i.e. a set of specific odds). To perform all calculations, it takes between 3 and 5 seconds depending on the computer. If you had to perform the calculations manually, i.e. with pencil and paper, you would need several hours after each fallen number.