Skillzz Gaming Review

Skillzz gamingSkillz software provider is very popular amongst gamblers in the whole world. Not everyone knows about Skillz Gaming, anyway, is that they are a leading mobile platform for eSports. At this moment they are accounted for 30 percent of all prizes awarded in 2016 and 2015. Skillz Gaming is a software provider that permanently brings change and innovation to the iGaming industry, changing perspectives all the time. One of their many innovations is helping players turn their skills and gaming knowledge into real cash. They started in Tel-Aviv with only a handful of talented designers and programmers and now has partnerships with more than 3000 designers, developers and IT specialists.

History in short

Skillz Gaming was established relatively recently compared to other providers like Microgaming, by Casey Chafin and Andrew Paradise. They are true veterans in the mobile gaming industry owned by Intuit in 2012. Now they have the headquarters in San Francisco and Boston. They launched the Skillz Gaming platform in 2013 on Android with about ten game titles. Just from the first weeks, they have recorded more than a million downloads and over 100.000 users.

In 2014 year they have reached more than 300 partnerships with games studios and launched over 150 online casino games and free roulette and online slot machines for both IOS and Android. After that, in 2016 the company announced a 60$ million dollars prize for players. Although the official opening can be dated back to 2014, their first important step was made in February 2015 at a renowned ICE convention.

That was the moment when they signed a contract with three big casino operators in the United Kingdom and not only. Although they did not have such an impressive start as William Hill, we can still expect great things from them. Eran Sharar, their head of the company and leading figure, has more than fifteen years of experience within the iGaming industry. Most of this experience he gained as the head of Mobile Department at Playtech.

Games Catalog of Skillz Gaming Software Provider

All the free online slot machines and free online casino games which are offered by Skillz are designed with HTML 5 technology which allows them to run on both Android and IOS platforms. What makes the casino games and slot machines from this software provider outstanding is the fact that most of them are skill based, meaning that gamblers have a sort of control over their gameplay.

You can find opinions on the Internet that Skillz Gaming tournaments can’t be considered gambling since they lack the outcome based on pure chance. As we have already mentioned, all the casino games by this software provider are not determined by chance and rather won through gamblers skills and abilities. This is definitely a good side, because it made these tournaments legal in the United States of America.

Skillz Gaming actually developed a mathematical system to determine if a game is based on chance or skill. The model was designed and developed in collaboration with a world-leading company to analyze the result for almost any game. In short time the model was declared valid by legal experts and has been granted a patent. Casino players may know this company for some great free online slot machines titles like Mega Money Rush online slot and others. It can be played in many levels as you advance through the casino game earning XP points. Every level of the game has a unique scenario like driving a race car or piloting a plane.

However the traditional features like Wilds and Free spins are missing and you have to rather “bump” on bonuses to claim them. The gameplay makes players recall an arcade game combined with free online slot machines features. The design is attractive and colorful with great sounds making it very appealing. For all players who love a challenge, this is the right place to try your luck and skill.

Why play slots from Skillz Gaming

Compared to other giants on the market like NetEnt, Skillz software provider may be a young company but their unique games on the market are based on skill rather on chance. Because they are focused on new technology and developing free online casino games compatible with mobile platforms, this will keep Skillz Gaming in the spotlight for many next years. They deliver great competitions and free online casino games tournaments for gambles of all levels and experience.