Roulette Strategy & Systems

For the avoidance of doubt, there is no roulette betting system which can succeed in the long term. Roulette should be played for fun or at least played up to a certain target. If you want to profit playing online games, I’d suggest poker, rummy or backgammon. They are games of skill where you can alter the odds by clever play. Roulette is a game of luck and with a house edge, even the most experience roulette player cannot change that.

There are a couple of exceptions but these are unlikely to be applicable to online roulette. In a real land casino, there is the chance of wheel bias. It is believed this is what allowed Norman Leigh and his team to win at the roulette table, using a reverse labouchere system. (That’s if the story is true at all). Online, roulette tables are powered by random number generators which are regularly audited to make sure they are sufficiently random.

The second way is to use some type of device to predict where the ball lands. These devices can change the house edge on its head and allow the player to win big. The most famous case of this was a Serbian gang which won a million pounds from the Ritz Casino in London. As it wasn’t illegal at the time to use a scanner, they walked away with their winnings. Using a scanner will get you banned nowadays and you’re likely to have to go to court to collect your winnings. This type of attack on the roulette table is not possible online, even on the live dealer tables. All bets must be called before the croupier spins the wheel.

Even with the knowledge that roulette cannot be beaten, people still try. Some systems do work in the short and medium term. If you are lucky, you might even be able to win in the long term. Its just, you’d be an exception. Vegas wasn’t built by winners.

If you think of a system that you think will win in the long term, it would be advisable to run some simulations to see what the risk of ruin is. The mathematics of calculating, exact probabilities is very difficult and involves long markov chains. Fortunately, there is an easier method which produces good enough results. You can run something called a Monte Carlo simulation. This involves inputting the rules and running the simulation many times. You can do this in Excel provided you know the right functions. You can also use a dedicated system designer such as roulette xtreme.

Popular roulette systems

Check the articles on below for more information about popular roulette systems. Remember though, in 10000 spins, even a low estimate, makes the changes of 10 blacks in a row, over 50%. . Using a Monte Carlo method, this is closer to 100%.

On a final note, if you do manage to get a system that works, keep it to yourself. Be wary of people that sell systems which, if they worked, would be worth thousands for $99. They’re almost certainly be scams.