Reverse Labouchere System in Roulette

For players who regularly visit the Roulette table or online Roulette sites, using various betting systems that are based on mathematical probabilities is better than simply relying on one’s gut feel or whim when selecting the numbers or spots to bet on.

These mathematical probabilities somehow give the players more assurance that by using any one of these betting methods, they will increase their chances of winning against the Roulette wheel.

However, for beginners who are still trying to figure out which betting system will work well for them, we should always remember that Roulette is based on random selection of spots instead of any equation that we may have come up with.

The Reverse Labouchere Betting System

While the Labouchere betting system requires players to cancel out numbers in their series for every win, the Reverse Labouchere system needs players to append their winning number to the end of their series. The theory is that a player can benefit from a long run of reds or blacks. The player will lose most of the time but every so often a long streak of reds or blacks will come up and the player will collect. That’s the theory anyway.

Just like in the Labouchere system, the first and the last numbers are likewise summed up in the Reverse Labouchere system to come up with the betting amount that the player will wager for every game.

If the players lose, instead of appending the losing bet to the end of the series, they will take out the losing number combination, making their series shorter and shorter if the losses happen to be consecutive.

Once you have used up all the numbers in your series, you will then start again with a new series of numbers. On the other hand, if the series keeps getting longer and longer with each added bet to the end of the series, the player stops appending once he has reached the table maximum.

Much like in the Labouchere betting system, the Reverse Labouchere system works on even-money bets, odd or even and red or black on the outside betting portion of your Roulette board.

How to Come Up with Your Number Series

To help you come up with a workable series of numbers which you will be using in the Reverse Labouchere betting system, you should remember that the sum of the first and last numbers in your series is the betting amount that you will be placing for every spin of the Roulette wheel.

This being said, you should first consider how much money to put in your bankroll. This should cover losses as there is always a risk that you will be suffering consecutive losses for a time before you can win.

You should set a goal for every game before you begin playing using the Reverse Labouchere system. The goal should cover both your wins and your losses. Once you have reached either one of them, you should decide to either stop playing or risk losing more than what you have in your bankroll.

For any system to work, especially in Roulette, you should always set a limit as to the number of hours you will be playing and the amount of money you are willing to lose with each hour of play.

The Reverse Labouchere System was apparently used in an attack again a casino in Nice, France. The story is told in his book Thirteen Against the Bank. The authenticity is sometimes doubted though. Mathematically the Reverse Labouchere System should not work in the long term.